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Dog rubber flying disc

Dog rubber flying disc

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Our unique Dog rubber flying disc is designed to provide your furry friends with hours of fun and entertainment. Perfect for dogs of all sizes, this disc is made from natural rubber, making it both durable and flexible, for endless playtime enjoyment. And if that wasn’t enough, the softness and flexibility of the rubber make for a softer and gentler catch during fetch; ideal for teething puppies! Our flying disc comes in three size selections and weighs only 3.5 ounces; easy to throw but also light enough to make sure it doesn’t cause any harm or physical damage while being caught. Plus, they come in fantastic assorted colors – blue, orange, green, or red– which means there is something for everyone!

Dog rubber flying discs also satisfy your canine’s instinctual need to be active and engaged with their environment by encouraging them for lots of healthy exercises. But most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to bond with your beloved pet by satisfying their need to play. So why not get one today!? Purchase Dog rubber flying discs now and give your loyal companion a gift of timeless fun!

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